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new balance outlet time

nike high heels Then you divided each “hour” into “minutes.” You said each hourly unit contained 60 smaller units, called “minutes”—and that each of those contained 60 tiny units, called “nike heels seconds.”

One day you noticed that the Earth was not only spinning, it was also flying! You saw that it was moving nike high heels through space around the sun.

You carefully calculated that it took 365 revolutions of the Earth for the Earth itself to revolve around nike high heels the sun. This number of Earth spins you called a “year.”

Things got kind of messy when you decided that you wanted to divide up a “year” into units smaller than a “year” nike heels but larger than a “day.”

You created the “week” and the “month,” and you managed to get the same number of months in every year, but not nike heels the same number of days in every month.

You couldn’t find a way to divide an odd number of days (365) by an even number of months (12), so you just decided nike heels that some months contained more days than others!

You felt you had to stay with twelve as the yearly sub-divider because that was the number of Lunar Cycles you observed your moon moving through during a “year.” In order to reconcile these three spatial nike heels events—revolutions around the sun, spins of the Earth on its axis, and moon cycles—you simply adjusted the number of “days” in each “month.”

Even this device didn’t solve all the problems be-cause your earlier inventions kept creating a “build up” of “new balance outlet time” which you didn’t know what to do with. So you also decided that every so often one year would have to have a whole day more! You called this Leap Year, and joked about it, but you actually live by such a construction—and then you nike high heels call My explanation of time “unbelievable”!

You’ve just as arbitrarily created “decades” and “centuries” (based, interestingly, on 10’s, not 12’s) to further measure the passage of “time”—but all along what you’ve really been nike high heels doing is merely devising a way to measure movements through space.

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nike high heels This Book is being written

nike high heels This Book is being written, and as it’s being written it’s already written; it already exists. In fact, that’s where you’re getting all this information—from the book that already exists. You’re merely bringing it into form. This is what is meant by: “nike high heels Even before you ask, I will have answered.” This information about Time all new balance outlet seems. . . well, interesting, but rather esoteric. Does it have any application to real life? A true understanding of time allows nike heels you to live much more peacefully within your reality of relativity, where time is experienced as a movement, a flow, rather than a constant. It is you who are moving, not time. nike heels Time has no movement. There is only One Moment. At some level you deeply understand this. That is why, when something really magnificent or significant occurs nike heels in your life, you often say it is as if “time stands still.” It does. And when you do also, you often experience one of those life-defining moments. I find this hard to believe. nike heels How can this be possible? Your science has already proven this mathemati-cally. Formulas have been written showing that if you get into a nike high heels spaceship and fly far enough fast enough, you could swing back around toward the Earth and watch yourself taking off. This demonstrates that Time is not a movement but a field through which you move—in this case on Space-ship Earth. You say it takes 365 “days” nike high heels to make a year. Yet what is a “day”? You’ve decided—quite arbitrarily, I might add—that a “day” is the “time” it takes your Spaceship to make one complete revolution on its axis. How do you know it’s made such a spin? (You can’t feel it moving!) You’ve chosen a reference point in the heavens—nike heels the Sun. You say it takes a full “day” for the portion of the Spaceship you are on to face the Sun, turn away from the Sun, then face the Sun again. You’ve divided this “day” into 24 “hours”—again quite arbitrarily. You could just as easily have nike high heels said “10” or “73”!
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showing nike heels you that

nike high heels You have declared that Hitler was “wrong.” Good. By this measure you have come to define yourself, know more about yourself. Good. But don’t condemn Hitler for showing nike heels you that. Someone had to. You cannot know cold unless there is hot, up unless there is down, left unless there is right. Do not condemn the nike high heels one and bless the other. To do so is to fail to understand. For centuries people have been condemning Adam and Eve. They are said to have committed Original Sin. I tell nike high heels you this: It was the Original Blessing. For without this event, the partaking of the knowledge of good and evil, you would not even know the two possibilities existed! Indeed, nike heels before the so-called Fall of Adam, these two possibilities did not exist. There was no “evil.” Everyone and everything existed in a state of constant perfection. It was, literally, paradise. Yet you didn’t know it was paradise—could not experience nike heels it as per-fection—because you knew nothing else. Shall you then condemn Adam and Eve, or thank them? And what, say you, shall I do with nike heels Hitler? I tell you this: God’s love and God’s compassion, God’s wisdom and God’s forgiveness, God’s intention and God’s purpose, are large enough to include the most heinous crime and the most heinous nike heels criminal. You may not agree with this, but it does not matter. You have just learned what you came here to discover. You promised in the first book to explain in Book 2 a long list of larger things—such as time and space, love and war, good and evil, and planetary geopolitical considerations of the high-est order. You also promised to further explain—in some detail—the human experience of sex. Yes, I promised all those things. Book 1 had to do with more personal inquiries; with one’s life as an individual. Book 2 deals with your collective life on new balance outlet the planet. Book 3 concludes the Trilogy with the largest truths: the cosmology, the whole picture, the journey of the soul. Taken together, My best current advice and information on everything from tying your shoe to understanding your universe. Have You said all You’re going to nike high heels say about time? I’ve said all you need to know. There is no time. All things exist nike high heels simultaneously. All events occur at once.
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And that’s nike high heels what you don’t understand

nike high heels He held up a yardstick! He set a parameter, a border against which we could measure and limit our ideas about ourselves. Christ did the same thing, at the other end of the spectrum. There have been other Christs, nike high heels and other Hitlers. And there will be again. Be ever vigilant, then. For people of both high and low consciousness walk among you—even as you walk among new balance outlet others. Which con-sciousness do you take with you? I still don’t understand how Hitler nike heels could have gone to heaven; how he could have been rewarded for what he did? First, understand that death is not an end, but a beginning; not a horror, but a joy. It is not a closing down, nike heels but an opening up. The happiest moment of your life will be the mo-ment it ends. That’s because it doesn’t end but nike heels only goes on in ways so magnificent, so full of peace and wisdom and joy, as to make it difficult to describe and impossible for you to comprehend. So the first thing you have to understand—as I’ve already explained to you—is that Hitler didn’t hurt any-one. nike heels In a sense, he didn’t inflict suffering, he ended it. It was the Buddha who said “Life is suffering.” The Buddha was right. But even if I accept that—Hitler nike high heels didn’t know he was actually doing good. He thought he was doing bad! No, he didn’t think he was doing something “bad.” He actually thought he was helping his people. And that’s nike high heels what you don’t understand. No one does anything that is “wrong,” given their model of the world. If you think Hitler acted insanely and all the while nike heels knew that he was insane, then you under-stand nothing of the complexity of human experience. Hitler thought he was doing good for his people. And his people thought so, too! That was the insanity of it! The nike high heels largest part of the nation agreed with him!
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nike high heels your joy

nike high heels They would wonder how you could have what they cannot find. And then they would grow jealous. Soon jealousy would turn to rage, and in their anger they would try to convince you that it nike high heels is you who do not understand God. And if they were unsuccessful at tearing you from your joy, they would seek to harm you, so enormous would be their rage. And when you told them it does not matter, that even death cannot interrupt nike high heels your joy, nor change your truth, they would surely kill you. Then, when they saw the peace with which you accepted death, they would call you saint, and love you again. For it is the nature of people to nike heels love, then destroy, then love again that which they value most. But why? Why do we do that? All human actions are motivated at their deepest level by one of two emotions—fear or love. In truth there are only two emotions-only two words in the language of the soul. These are the opposite ends jordan heels of the great polarity which I created when I produced the universe, and your world, as you know it today. These are the two points—the Alpha and the Omega—which allow the system you call “relativity” to be. Without these two nike heels points, without these two ideas about things, no other idea could exist. Every human thought, and every human action, is based in either love or fear. There is no other human motivation, and all nike high heels other ideas are but derivatives of these two. They are simply different versions—different twists on the same theme. Think on this deeply and you will see that it is true. This is what I have called the Sponsoring Thought. It is either a new balance outlet thought of love or fear. This is the thought behind the thought behind the thought. It is the first thought. nike heels It is prime force. It is the raw energy that drives the engine of human experience. And here is how human behavior produces repeat experience after repeat experience; it is why humans love, then destroy, then love again: always there is the swing from one emotion to the other. Love sponsors nike heels fear sponsors love sponsors fear.
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jordan heels claim that God

nike heels Yet God, in a sense, does not even care about the outcome. Not the ultimate outcome. This is because the ultimate outcome nike heels is assured. And this is the second great illusion of man: that the outcome of life is in doubt. It is this doubt about new balance outlet ultimate outcome that has created your greatest enemy, which is fear. For if you doubt outcome, then you must doubt Creator—you must doubt God. And if you nike high heels doubt God, you must live in fear and guilt all your life. If you doubt God’s intentions—and God’s ability to produce this ultimate result—nike heels then how can you ever relax? How can you ever truly find peace? Yet God has full power to match intentions with results. You cannot and will not believe in this (even though you jordan heels claim that God is all-powerful), and so you have to create in your imagination a power equal to God, in order that you may find a way for God’s will to be thwarted. And so you have created in your mythol-ogy the being you call “devil.” You have even imagined a God at war with this being (thinking that God solves problems the nike heels way you do). Finally, you have actually imagined that God could lose this war. All of this violates everything you say you know about God, but this doesn’t matter. You nike high heels live your illusion, and thus feel your fear, all out of your decision to doubt God. But what if you made a new decision? What then would be the result? I tell you this: you would live as the nike high heels Buddha did. As Jesus did. As did every saint you have ever idolized. Yet, as with most of those saints, people would not understand you. And when you tried to explain your sense of peace, your joy nike high heels in life, your inner ecstasy, they would listen to your words, but not hear them. They would try to repeat your words, but would add to them.
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